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Attendant Care


Service Environment

Services may be provided in the client's home or in the community. Respite may be provided in a direct care worker's certified home. Services may not be provided to a client while in an institutional setting such as a school or while hospitalized. Currently, we are unable to provide services during therapy sessions due to DDD rules.

Transportation may be an incidental part of the services, but should be kept to the bare minimum. Direct care workers are not reimbursed for the cost of transportation and are required to have additional certifications when providing transportation. Costs incurred for the benefit of the client during the course of services are the responsibility of the client or guardian.

Placement Procedure

A client services representative will contact you to set up a pre-service meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to gather information in order to ensure that we have the resources and personnel to effectively meet your needs. The next step will be to identify one or more potential direct care workers that could be assigned to the case and to arrange an opportunity to meet these direct care workers. If one or more of the workers are acceptable, we will ask the guardian or responsible party to request authorizations from DDD so that we may provide the services. Once authorizations are received, services may begin.

We will make an effort to follow up both with the client/responsible party and with the direct care worker once services have begun to ensure that we are off to a good start. Any issues identified will be promptly addressed. We will send a representative to participate in DDD meetings when we are invited to participate in these meetings. Note: DDD will not typically notify Imagine Support Services of scheduled meetings or if the schedule for a meeting is changed.

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